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Craig-Test-28739Craig Johnston, AKA Delsinki Records is a Melbourne based singer songwriter. Originally from Hobart Tasmania, Craig has been involved in several varying musical projects over the years. As the founding member of alternative rock outfit Gretchen Lewis, who released their debut album ‘Issue 1’ in 2010, produced by Lindsay Gravina (The Living End & Magic Dirt) through Green Media. His current and most revealing project to date, is Delsinki Records. 

Working with producer Cameron McKenzie (Mark Seymour, Epicure), this collaboration captures Craig’s iconic and distinctively deep, raw and earthy sound. His bold lyrics and melodies are magnetic to the listener’s ear from an honest and sincere place, allowing the musical eavesdropper to relate to and interpret not only the genre, but his unique musical offering for themselves. 

Collaborating with some of Australia’s finest, eclectic and revered musicians who you can see on the Working with & collaborations page, it is near impossible to pigeonhole Delsinki Records. Accompanying him on the ‘A Soldiers Wife EP’ is Australian music legend Steve Pigram (The Pigram Brothers), songstress Coby Grant, and members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Craig has toured previously with the ACO and will feature as a vocalist singing along side Brian Ritchie from the Violent Femmes for an up coming tour of the U.S (2016) in the ACO’s spectacular “The Reef”. 12525559_10154027659390739_7758163352251605803_o

St Martins 2014Combining visuals with music, every song released by Delsinki Records has a video to accompany it, scroll down to watch. Included is also a live performance at the Sydney Opera House with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as well as footage from the ABC National Breakfast show using music from Delsinki Records.  


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