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Craig-Test-28739 Craig Johnston (Delsinki Records) is a Melbourne based singer songwriter. He has been involved in several musical projects over the years. He was the founding member of Gretchen Lewis, who in 2010 released their debut album produced by Lindsay Gravina ‘Issue 1′ through Green Media. His latest and most intimate project, falls under the name Delsinki Records. Craig, working with Cameron McKenzie has begun to capture his uniquely deep, raw and earthy sound. His strong lyrics and melodies arrive from a place of truth and sincerity that in turn give the listener permission to relate and interpret the style and musical genre for themselves.

Releasing one EP every year, the first song from the 2015 EP to be released in June, ‘Monkey’ was premiered on Tonedef 06-03-2015. This EP has collaborations with The ACO, Coby Grant & Steve Pigram. Tickets for the Melbourne and Sydney shows can be purchased from

St Martins 2014Combining visuals with music, every song released by Delsinki Records has a video to accompany it, scroll down to watch. Included is also a live performance at the Sydney Opera House with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as well as footage from the ABC National Breakfast show using music from Delsinki Records.  


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