‘LOVE ONE’ with Brooke Taylor



Tickets/info here: 

16th October | Winnebago Lounge, St Kilda

6th October | The Golden Vine, Bendigo

This project is a collaboration between DELSINKI and Brooke Taylor, Produced by Cameron McKenzie. It is a four track EP containing songs representative of four stages of a relationship represented by the themes spring, summer, autumn and winter synced to selected live performances with guest interludes about love and loss.

We debuted the project at Bakehouse in Richmond 08-11-2016 to a beautiful room of people


Each song has a accompanying video directed by a different director. ‘Spring’ was directed by Mick Sowry, ‘Summer’ – Mike Foxall, ‘Autumn’ – Georgie Durham & ‘Winter’ by Craig Johnston.

The EP is finished and the videos have been premiered by ToneDeaf, The Music.

Big thank you to Tasmanian Dance Festival‘s event ‘The Platform’ for facilitating the audition process to find this very talented performer Maggie Rogers who performed in the final video ‘Winter’ out October. Thanks to Alejandrina De La Rosa and Ali Knapton for the make up and art.

FullSizeRender (3)

You can purchase the EP here at either of these two sites:



LoveOnes-Web (1)

We have once again collaborated with some amazing musicians during the recording process.


Members of the Melbourne Ska Orchestra12122632_955445081182995_4952697992365360557_n

International Song Contest winner Karl Broadie12140141_961249433935893_2333194654971667082_o12243015_970576886336481_1607415415487749242_n









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  1. […] collaborating with Brooke Taylor their ‘LOVE ONE’ project has been completed (read more here) and the tour starts October 6 and winds up Nov 8 with […]

  2. hans delsink Says:

    Quite quirious where Delsinki is related to.

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